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About Me

As a computational physicist, I worked on the study, development and application of Auxiliary Field Quantum Monte Carlo (AFQMC) and other numerical methods to study strongly correlated quantum many-body systems. My research interests include high-temperature superconductivity, spin-orbit coupling, Fermi gas, and quantum simulations.

I'm familiar with a few programming languages including Fortran, C++, Python and Mathematica, and I use Cmake and Git for developing the code. I use MPI and OpenMP for high performance computing since my research is associated with massive parallelization. For writing papers, I use Latex to reach publishable quality.

Some C++ librarys developed during my spare time are listed under Programs, I hope they will be useful to your work. Enjoy!

I received a B.S. in physics from Nanjing University in China, and also studied Computational Physics in Renmin University.

I'm fast at learning things, interested in new physics and technology. If you like my website or my work, feel free to contact me through email (click here) or following the links.